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Sublimated Patches by Expert Embroider.

Sublimated patches are one of the highest quality patches when it comes to detailing. These patches carry a fine intense color that does not fade away easily. The dye used in these patches adheres firmly to the fabric and in this way; multiple colors can be mixed together with the utmost precision.

Expert Embroider offers sublimated patches made with the new dye sublimation technique. This is why we are known to offer the best sublimated patches services in town! Read more below to know what makes a sublimated patch that great.

Sublimation Patch

Best Sublimated Patches Services!

Embroidered patches often face a problem when it comes to color mixing. Since these patches use fabric, color mixing is relatively poor and blunt. However, the dye sublimation technique has made it possible to merge multiple graphic designs on to the patch with an extremely high precision and a sharp look. These embroidered patches are created with color sublimation technique that ensures an even spread of the color, fast drying time, and skillful detailing by mixing a plethora of color effortlessly!

Expert Embroider is one of the few Embroidery Digitizing Company that offers this dye color sublimation technique. Our sublimated patches have one of the best color finish and last relatively longer. Top embroidery experts monitor our production phase and we have one of the fastest turnaround times!

Affordable Embroidered Patches Services!

We offer the most affordable sublimated patches services that you will ever find. The reason for that is our top of the line production techniques, which make it possible for us to mass-produce digitizing services with the lowest rates thanks to our cost cutting mechanisms. This is why our services have been recognized as one of the most affordable sublimated patches services in the USA.

Other than our sublimated patches services, we also have other patch types that might interest you. Feel free to read more about all of our embroidered patches below.

Sturdy PVC Patches.

PVC embroidered patches extra durable outdoor patches. These patches are made from an alternative plastic material that gives strength and shape to the patch. These patches last longer and their seams don’t fade away as is the case with other embroidered patches. PVC patches are used for military and police garments.

Chenille Patches!

Chenille patches are made with chenille yarn and are mostly used to decorate varsity jackets for sports teams. You can find these on almost every college as well as professional level team garments. They are also used as graduation year patches and monograms.

Digitizing Services at Expert Embroider

Apart from our embroidered patches, our digitizing services are also worth looking into. We offer all sorts of digitizing including:

We convert any custom vector art into beautiful digitized designs that you can get embossed on garments, hats, and other such stuff. Not to mention; all of our services, just like our affordable PVC patches services, are extremely affordable and splendid in quality!

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