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Puff Digitizing by Expert Embroider

Puff Digitizing by Expert Embroider is an excellent way to bring out the depth in your brand! – Pun intended.

What is Puff Digitizing you ask?
You have probably already seen it before. Some embroidered patches have a certain depth to them. This 3D shape of the patches is a result of the unique and meticulous digitizing technique. This technique turns ordinary boring, flat two-dimensional, embroidered patches into fun, prominent, classy, and more out-there custom embroidered patches!

These 3D patches are mostly seen on garments and used extensively in hat digitizing, jacket back digitizing, as well as gloves digitizing! The 3D emblem look of your logo provides a classic finish with the best puff digitizing services by Expert Embroider!

3D puff digitizing

How Does Puff Digitizing Work?

First, we convert your logos, brand images, or other media representations to Vector art. This is because we believe that Vector art provides just the best resolution when used in print or on online. Also, because we are a vector art company, we really enjoy doing this step.

Next, we choose the perfect foam material for the puff digitizing patch. This step is crucial because not all foams and embroidery go together. You have to be extremely meticulous when choosing the right color. Matching colors are encouraged, while contrasting colors are strongly discouraged. As you can see, the quality of the finished product depends heavily on this step.

Our embroidery digitizing service is extensive because we have extensions for our printable files for almost all the common embroidery machines in the market! This is why our service has been called one of the best puff digitizing services available!

Finally, it’s all about printing. We have two different techniques for this step. First, we can make use of puff digitizing on top of the 2D/flat embroidered patches with dedicated focus on some areas to enhance the meaning of the patch. This brings out specific characters while digitizing and ensures a more-than-satisfactory outcome! Alternatively, we can go for an entire 3D embroidered patch for your caps, jacket backs, gloves, and left chest digitizing!

Most Affordable Puff Digitizing Services.

If you think the way we create puff embroidered patches is impressive, wait till you get to the prices! Not surprisingly, our services have been called the most affordable puff digitizing services in town. This is because our experts employ careful treading techniques that account for zero waste as well as elegant finish! This is how our efficient techniques coupled with immense experience help us cut costs for the procedure.

Get Puff Digitizing Services for Your Business!

Simply call us or drop us an email if you want to get a personalized 3D patch made for your business. Other than our affordable puff digitizing services, we also make silhouette art that can give a contrasting finish to your logo as well. These are simply black representation of your brand image and work best for garments as well.
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