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What is Hat Digitizing?

Hat Digitizing is a form of art that puts your embroidered logos, designs, and other media aspects on your hats. It is done in a slightly different manner than other forms of Embroidery Digitization to protect the curve and the seams of the hat.

Expert Embroider is a premium embroidery digitizing company that provides the best hat digitizing services that are both high in quality, as well as extremely affordable!

hat digitizing

A Brief History of Hat Customization.

Hats have been a part of human attire for quite some time! Different cultures have molded their shape and sizes accordingly to represent the true essence of culture and ethnicity. For example, hats used in old century Texas had peculiar shapes. These are known today as the “cowboy hats”.

Similarly, the Turks have their own red, almost square, hats to represent their culture. Hats have been around for ages, and their customization has been an important part for the growth and propagation of societies. This is why we at Expert Embroider believe in the power of hat digitization! Customize your hats with our custom embroidery patches to represent the real you.

hat digitizing
hat digitizing

Hat Digitizing Services by Expert Embroider

Our embroidery digitizing company has a unique way of digitizing embroidery for hats to maintain the curve. Starting from the lower part and the design is then “spread out”. This helps the hat keep its shape afterwards and prevents any damage to the seams.

The result is an aesthetically pleasing hat with a digitized embroidery! To improve the hat digitizing process, Expert Embroiders also utilizes PVC patches that are perfect for durable, flexible, and lightweight design!

We make it simpler for you to choose the right service for your embroidery needs by helping you on every step. Simply contact our team via email or call and we will give you a free consultation to help you make the right choice!

Best Hat Digitizing services in town!

Digitizing embroidery for hats is tricky business. You wouldn’t want it to be anything less than perfect, right? So why not employ the best hat digitizing services in town?

Our printing technique helps keep the shape and the color of the embroidered patches even after usage. Combine a sturdy built and a thoughtful technique and voila! Here’s why you should get us to customize your hats for you:

  • Our center-first digitizing technique helps maintain the hat curve.
  • Our embroidered patches do not break out.
  • Honestly, we’ve been in this game for too long. We know what we’re doing.

We understand the need for representation. Hats have been a way to bring out the inner charisma for too long, and we intend to keep this tradition going. Let us provide you with not just the best, but also the most affordable hat digitizing services and you’ll see for yourself why you made the right choice.

hat digitizing

Not looking for hat digitizing services?

If our unique and affordable hat digitizing services did not impress you or perhaps if you came here looking for something else, here are some things that might interest you:

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