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Chenille Patches by Expert Embroider.

Chenille patches are made from chenille yarn and are easily recognizable due to their abundance on letterman and varsity athlete jackets. Chenille patches are home to sports jerseys, varsity letters, and graduation and academic patches. Chenille yarn has an excellent texture imparting that sporty athletic feel. These patches can be made in every size, shape, and color for chenille emblems, varsity letters, and so much more.
The process of making chenille patches is tricky. It is a combination of the silky chenille yarn and embroidery. The process alone has one of the highest stitch counts if done right. That is why you only want an excellent embroider patches company, like Expert Embroider, for just the best chenille patches services!

Best Chenille Patches Services!

Many things make a chenille patch perfect. We know that because we take care of these things. Chenille patches are supposed to be a representation of the home team. They are the placeholders for player positions, team names, jersey number and so much more. This is why you want just the best chenille patches services for your team.
Here at Expert Embroider, we have a multi-tiered formula for making chenille patches. It starts with the best quality chenille yarn, coupled with the best vector art digitizing, decorated with a multitude of stitches, and culminates with the best printing results!

Affordable Chenille Patches Services!

Our chenille patches are the best patches you will ever find. Why? Because we offer the most affordable chenille patches services, with the highest quality, and the fastest turnaround time. Amazing digitizing quality coupled with an unforgettable price.
Chenille patches are not the only patches available at Expert Embroiders. We also have PVC as well as Sublimated patches in our arsenal. You can read more about the below. Click on the heading to read more about these individually.

Sturdy PVC Patches.

PVC embroidered patches are the sturdy body builders of the patches world. These patches are made from an alternative plastic material that gives strength and shape to the patch. These patches last longer and their seams don’t fade away as is the case with other embroidered patches. PVC patches are used for military and police garments.

Sublimated Patches.

Ordinary embroidered patches are great, but they lack when it comes to detailing. The answer to that is sublimation patches. These embroidered patches are created with color sublimation technique that ensures an even spread of the color, fast drying time, and skillful detailing by mixing a plethora of color effortlessly!

Sublimated Patches.

Apart from our patches, our digitizing services are also worth looking into. We offer all sorts of digitizing including:

We convert any custom vector art into beautiful digitized designs that you can get embossed on garments, hats, and other such stuff. Expert Embroider is a vector art company that you can trust to give your old designs a new refreshing look! Not to mention; all of our services, just like our affordable chenille patches services, are extremely affordable and splendid in quality!

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