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Keychain Patches by Expert Embroider.

Keychain patches are a great way to accessorize your accessories!

Keychains are an important part of our daily life. Why? Because we have many keys to carry. Think about it, a key to your home, a key to your car, and a key to your office; at least 3 keys for almost everyone. If you are not carrying these many keys bunched together in a keychain, you are doing something wrong.

Expert Embroider provides the best keychain patch services that are high in quality, easy on the pocket, and come to you as fast as you want them! We make keychain patches include the finest quality custom vector artwork. With our digitizing experts, making keychain patches is a piece of cake!

Keychains patches

Best Keychain Patch Services!

Keychains are essential. Naturally, you would want to get a patch to decorate something you carry on you literally ALL THE TIME. You would also like to customize it in the best way possible, now wouldn’t you? This is why Expert Embroider provides the best keychain patch services!
Let us tell you what makes ours the best keychain patch services.

  • Our keychain patches are durable, fine-tuned, and made with the highest quality fabric.
  • Being a vector art company, we process the finest quality vector art on both sides of the keychain patches for the best possible results.
  • Our digitizing experts process any sample image you provide, turn it into a hand drawn vector impression, and then use it to create the finest quality keychain patches.
  • We can also convert your old JPG logos into vector with our effortless JPG to Vector conversion tool to give your keychains the crisp details they deserve!
  • By the virtue of an expert monitored production line and state of the art technology, we have one of the quickest turnaround time in the business.

As if ALL of that wasn’t enough, Expert Embroider also offers one of the most affordable keychain patch services in the market!
Here are some of the types of patches we offer:

  • Sublimated Patches.
  • Chenille Patches
  • PVC patches

PVC patches are perfect for outdoor use and sublimated patches have the best color quality. Click on each of these to learn more about their production as well as their use.

Affordable Keychain Patches Services!

Due to a highly efficient production line and cost cutting maneuvers that do not affect the quality, we offer the most affordable keychain patch services you will ever find. This is why our keychain patch digitizing services are extremely popular in the USA.

Digitizing Services at Expert Embroider

Apart from our embroidered patches, our digitizing services are also worth looking into. We offer all sorts of digitizing including:

We convert any custom vector art into beautiful digitized designs that you can get embossed on garments, hats, and other such stuff. Not to mention; all of our services, just like our affordable PVC patches services, are extremely affordable and splendid in quality!

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