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Custom Vector Art by Expert Embroider

Get custom vector art digitization for your business logo and never miss out on any pixels ever again!

Custom Vector Art refers to the process where Expert Embroider takes your artwork, be it hand-drawn or perhaps a JPG of your business logo, and converts it into a manual vector art. This helps in the presentation of the brand as vector art is considered to be one of the most internet and print friendly media format.

Your media files and brad representation will never suffer because of bad pixels. Vector files can be scaled up and down to any aspect ratio without a significant loss of pixels. This makes them an ideal candidate for screen printing and other print applications!

custom vector art

What Are Our Custom Vector Art Services?

Brand representation is everything nowadays. This is the age of visual appeal. The idea behind your brand is important, but the way it is represented is everything. If you are not taking the race to better visual appeal seriously, you are missing out on A LOT!

As the world gets online with every passing second, businesses acquire a growing responsibility to shift to the online world as well. An impeccable online representation matters and for that, some of the best custom vector art services are absolutely necessary!

Lucky for you, that is exactly what we have in store!

We provide JPG to vector conversion, color separation, silhouette art services, as well as impeccable graphic designs! Our team of experts works closely with you to create a stunning brand representation that draws both attention, as well as customers.

Best Custom Vector Art Services in Town.

  • First of all, our services include a wide range of possibilities for you. We make sure that you ALWAYS have a choice. We provide raster to vector conversion, JPG and bitmap to vector conversion, hand –drawn manual vector drawing, as well as color separation all built into our custom vector art services!
  • Our experts use careful manual techniques to sharpen your media. Our vector conversion process is not automatic, which is why we are able to provide you with the best custom vector art services in the whole neighbourhood!
  • We provide a revamp of your business logo and convert it into a vector logo. This way, your business representation online stays fresh even after years. Think of custom vector art services as buying a really good sweater for your business. You know it’s going to stay elegant for a long time.

Most Affordable Custom Vector Art Services & more!

Probably the best thing about our service is the affordability. We provide the most affordable custom vector art services, and we make sure that every penny is worth it! You can carry out a survey if you like. Expert Embroider is a premium embroidery digitizing company and we make sure that your experience with us is nothing short of splendid.

If you are looking for other services, here’s a list to help you get around:

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