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Why is Jacket Back Digitizing important?

Jackets are to the modern wardrobe what eye patches are to pirates! There is no way your wardrobe is complete if you don’t own a leather back, unless of course you live in the Sahara. Jackets have important urban implications.

Jacket back digitizing is tricky because a single patch can take up to 150 stitches! Sometimes, even more. The complexity of the work coupled with the feeble printing done by many can be extremely troublesome. With fashion at stake and high risk involved, why not use Expert Embroider’s best jacket back digitizing services!

Jacket Back Digitizing Services by Expert Embroider

What sets our best jacket back digitizing services apart from the rest?

  • Our unique digitization techniques that ensure a smooth finish even on leather jackets.
  • & our sturdy digitized embroidered patches that don’t fall apart.

Most embroidered jacket backs look faded and even flushed because the quality of digitized embroidery is sub-par.

Expert Embroider, however, is keen on maintaining the highest quality standards possible. Not only are our affordable jacket back digitizing services of the highest quality, all of our other services share the same virtue as well!

jacket back

Our hat digitizing as well as gloves digitizing services are the best and the most affordable in town! Our PVC patches have state of the art strength and finish. Our sublimation patches employ a sublimation color technique that accounts for a higher color resolution and improved finish! Our Logo Digitizing graphic designs are in high demand, and we’re the only Vector Art company known for its exceptional resolution! As you can see, we take quality standards pretty seriously at Expert Embroider.

Most affordable Jacket Back Digitizing services!

Jack back digitizing services are intricate work that require some skill and attention. Many embroidery digitization companies employ different techniques to get the job done. Some make use of intense machinery, while others establish goodwill with modern day delicate techniques. This is why most jacket back digitization services cost a lot! Companies and independent contractors charge high amounts because of the attention to detail that’s involved in this work.

However, with the right tools and proficiency in the art, this can be turn into a fun and rewarding experience. Therefore, we asked ourselves; “Why a jacket back digitizing service should cost so much?” and honestly, we couldn’t think of answer.

We take pride in our innovation, and we establish ground rules for propagation. This is why at Expert Embroider; you get the best and most affordable jacket back digitizing services with no compromise on quality whatsoever.

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