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PVC Patches by Expert Embroider.

PVC patches are the sturdy built hulks of the patch world. These patches are made of polyvinyl chloride, which is a synthetic plastic material and proves to be extremely durable. This same material is also used to make plumbing pipes as well.

PVC patches offer an alternative for outdoor patch needs. These patches are tough, so they can withstand the rough that comes with outdoors. Given this very nature, they also make a great choice for military and police gears. In fact, you would expect to see PVC patches on police uniforms, military uniforms, outdoor gear such as camping bags, tents, shoes, and other such gear.

Let us tell you a little more about why we are the best embroider patches company.

PVC patches

Best PVC Patches Services!

As we said earlier, PVC patches are the ultra-durable, heavy-duty, machos of the patches world. However, there is A LOT that goes into making these patches before they become that reliable.

The very first step is to find the best PVC polymer material to make these patches. If the material polymer is not good enough the patch will not hold its shape and naturally will not become as durable as you want it to be. The patch also needs a perfect vector art digitizing. Custom vector art can be made to go with these PVC patches to represent any brand, slogan, or other media representation.

PVC patches also come with a Velcro back. This makes the patches much more accessible and account for a greater customizability. At Expert Embroider, we stride to provide the best PVC patches services by choosing just the right polymer material and fine-tuning every detail of the patch so that it represents everything you stand for!

Other than PVC patches, we also have Sublimated patches, as well as chenille patches to offer. Read more about them below.

Affordable PVC Patches Services!

One of the things that makes us the best embroider patches company is the fact that we offer the most affordable PVC patches services available in town. Our experts process the whole production scenario with state of the art cost cutting measures to ensure a cheap and high quality service for you. This is why our affordable PVC patches services do not lack in quality when compared to any of our competitor’s patches.

Color Sublimation Patches.

Ordinary embroidered patches are great, but they lack when it comes to detailing. The answer to that is sublimation patches. These embroidered patches are created with color sublimation technique that ensures an even spread of the color, fast drying time, and skillful detailing by mixing a plethora of color effortlessly!

Chenille Patches!

Chenille patches are made with chenille yarn and are mostly used to decorate varsity jackets for sports teams. You can find these on almost every college as well as professional level team garments. They are also used as graduation year patches and monograms.

Digitizing Services at Expert Embroider

Apart from our embroidered patches, our digitizing services are also worth looking into. We offer all sorts of digitizing including:

We convert any custom vector art into beautiful digitized designs that you can get embossed on garments, hats, and other such stuff. Not to mention; all of our services, just like our affordable PVC patches services, are extremely affordable and splendid in quality!

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