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Face Masks by Expert Embroider.

Face masks are not just a fashion accessory anymore. Thanks to the Corona Virus Pandemic, face masks have become a necessity and an integral part of our wardrobe. Luckily, if you are in need for one, Expert Embroider offers the best face masks in town!

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Best Face Masks in Town!

Thanks to the year 2020, face masks have become an important part of our wardrobe. Even though the pandemic seems to be going away in some developed countries, generally it feels like the face masks are here to stay. This is because the CDC have issued innumerable warnings against the virus and have made it one of their safety protocols to wear face masks whenever you go out.

So if we absolutely have to wear face masks at all times, why not wear the best face masks there are! Expert Embroider offers the best facemask digitizing services. We print custom vector art on your facemasks and make them match your wardrobe a lot better! Now you can stay safe, while making a fashion statement!

Expert Embroider puts your business logo on face masks for a team representing your brand wherever you go! The best thing about having your logos embossed on face masks is that it is an absolute free advertisement. With businesses opening up again after the lockdown, it would be the perfect opportunity for you to put a team uniform together. With our logo vector services, we can put your logo on team masks to make them a coherent part of the uniform!

Other than the best face masks digitizing services, we also offer other digitizing services that you can get to make a custom team apparel. This can be just a touch of your brand on everyone’s apparel to give a more coherent feel for the office. Some of these services are listed below:

  • Hat digitizing
  • Sleeves digitizing
  • Jacket back digitizing
  • Left chest digitizing

Affordable Face Masks for Everyone!

Due to a highly efficient production line and cost cutting maneuvers that do not affect the quality, we are able to produce the most affordable face masks for everyone. We can also digitize these face masks rather cheaply. This is probably the most attractive feature about our package as well. We don’t only produce affordable face masks, our top of the line embroider patches are just as cheap and exceptional in quality as well. Listed below are some of the best embroider patches we provide.

  • PVC patches
  • Chenille patches
  • Puff Embroidery patches
  • Sublimated patches

Click on any one of these to read more about their respective details. Being a respected embroider patches company, Expert Embroider puts a lot of emphasis on the quality of product.

Digitizing Services at Expert Embroider

Apart from our embroidered patches, our digitizing services are also worth looking into. We offer all sorts of digitizing including:

We convert any custom vector art into beautiful digitized designs that you can get embossed on garments, hats, and other such stuff. Not to mention; all of our services, just like our affordable PVC patches services, are extremely affordable and splendid in quality!

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