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Expert Embroiders, your favorite Embroidery Digitizing Company.

Expert Embroider is your number one choice when it comes to digitization services! We believe in the art of digitization and its impeccable execution. That is why our services as an Embroidery Digitizing Company are unmatched! We provide the sharpest and the cheapest digitizing services to embroidery companies including:

If you’re an embroidery company looking to avail any of these services, hit us up and we’ll take care of the rest!

Why Outsource Services to an Embroidery Digitizing Company?

You may be thinking, “Why outsource digitizing services to another company when we can hire our own design team?” And you wouldn’t be wrong to think that. However, the cost you think you are saving by employing home team services is actually much greater.

Think about it: you make coffee at home all the time, possibly twice or thrice a day. However, you still run to your nearest Starbucks when you are in the mood for that perfect caramel mocha. The things is that hiring your own home design team is not an efficient cost cutting mechanism. Why? Because well, you would be compromising a lot on quality!

Expert Embroider came into existence only to provide the best of the best, the cream-de-la-cream of digitizing services. Our design team is solely dedicated to cater to your needs 24/7. Our experts conjure up just the perfect end-result you were hoping to get. In case, the result is different from what you wanted – well, we do make minor revisions as well!

With Expert Embroiders, you get a package that is:

    → Affordable when compared to others
    → Effective in every way possible
    → Outstanding & backed by our expert team whenever you like!

How’s that for a reason to outsource?

Expert Embroider Services

Enough about us, how about you let us know what services you require. Here’s a glimpse of all the services we offer.

digitizing icone

Embroider Digitizing Company

Our team of experts converts the most intricate embroidery into a living digital copy in the quickest turnaround time possible. We carry out all digitizing in a timely and efficient manner, regardless of whether you need it for uniforms, or other apparels. All that with no compromise on quality of service! Check out our:

Logo Digitizing Services.

Vector Art Icon

Vector Art Company

We provide logo vector services as well as any JPG to Vector conversion. Vector images provide a crisp and clear pixel distribution. The quality of these images does not fade when you use them for print or online purposes. This makes sure that your company values are reflected in the highest of resolutions! Check out our:

Custom Vector Art Services.

patching icon

Embroider Patches Company

Expert Embroider offers custom made embroider as part of our custom embroidery services. We provide PVC patches, sublimated patches, chenille patches, or keychain patches. Our custom-made embroidery patches have fine thread markup and a lasting finesse. This makes our patches both reliable and desirable! Check out our:

Embroidered Patches Services.


Take a test trail and we bet that you won’t regret to choose us!! Our Free trial ensures that you will get your designs better than your expectations.

World Class Digitizing and Vector Art Service

World Class Digitizing and Vector Art Service

Digitizing Art Service

Digitizing Art Service

Vectors Art Service

Vectors Art Service

Patches Art Service

Patches Art Service

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